"Being a Vendor at Century Park is as easy as showing up."

Fill out an application to ensure your permanent spot for the season.
“Casual vendors” are welcome anytime. Just give us a call.
So, whether you are a Casual or Permanent vendor, here are a few tips and market guidelines
that will make it the best market experience you will have.
(If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us)

1. We are located at 10915 – 23rd Avenue. Near Dollarama and M&M Meats in Heritage Square.

2. Sundays hours of operation are from 10:00am to 3:00pm every Sunday from June 2, 2024 to September 29, 2024.

3. Set up hours for all vendors start  from 9:00-10:00 am each Sunday Morning. If you think you need more than 60 minutes for set up, please contact the market manager or message us electronically.

4. You will need to bring your own table(s) and chair(s). Some vendors have their own tents. Don’t forget signs for product pricing. We would also recommend some sort of signs/cards that “says who you are”.

5. Stalls are approximately a parking stall in size. That translates into approximately 10 feet wide and 14 feet deep. Multiple stalls are available. A reminder that tents over 10 feet wide just don’t fit in the 10 foot allotted space.

6. It is recommended that you maintain your own liability insurance. We recommend a minimum liability of two million. If you can list Century Park as an additional insured…..all the better. Call if you have questions.

7. Garbage is a constant problem. Here’s a simple rule. “What you pack in….you pack out”. Garbage cans however, will be provided for our visitors. In time we will try to secure a space to house a larger green bin for vendors to use, however for the time being please pack your garbage out.

8. Dogs are technically not allowed as Alberta Health dictates that dogs are not allowed where foods and such are served, prepared or stored. Working dogs are exempt.

9. We would like to remind all vendors that this is an “outdoor”, open air market and is open rain or shine. Inclement weather sometimes happens so be prepared. Those vendors with tents must supply weights or a tie down system to secure their tents for safety/liability reasons.

10. Vendors that are selling foods or like products are required to have a food handling permit. If you have any questions regarding food products, please call the Environmental Public Health Department (780-735-1800). Just so you know, Inspectors will visit on occasion, so please operate accordingly.

11. Unfortunately there are no electrical outlets available so small generators will be required if you need power. Generators and inverters should be kept at a distance and baffled/muffled if possible.

12. Rates are $35 per stall.  Multiple stalls are negotiable. Speak to the market manager if interested in a permanent stall for the season or fill out the electronic application on this website on the “Vendor Application” page.

13. It’s important to smile and not to forget your smile it at home. Wear it proudly and show it often. We’ll all be here together, so lets make it enjoyable.