Welcome to the Vendors account page.

The following is information on how to set up an account to get listed as a vendor. 

As a listed vendor, you will have the opportunity to reach more people, increase sales and improve customer relations as well as become involved with the new “Curbside pick-up” program to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finding you online

By joining the vendor’s listings, customers can now find your products they want or desire by browsing you online through the Century Park Market’s web page. Oh yes, you don’t have to be a permanent vendor or even have to participate at the market to be listed.

Your own page

In the listing pages, each vendor will have their own page(s) to provide information, list products, provide pics, make sales and arrange for deliveries/ pick-ups.

No middle man…..We put you together with the customer.

Customers will be able to find you by name and/or category while viewing the vendors list. Once they have found you, all the information you are able to provide is available to them. They are now able to deal with you directly or simply get information regarding your business and/or products and is there for them to see.

How do I get listed?

To start, fill in the information required for approval. Once you are approved, you will receive an email to start setting up your vendor’s page. Don’t forget to add any pics to help make the connections for your customers.

Curbside Pick ups

In order to participate with the curbside pickup program, you must be listed on the vendor’s listings. Want more information on Curbside pickup? Click here.

What does it cost?

A monthly, six month and yearly plan is available. All fees include the GST and can be paid with credit card or Paypal. Fees are as follows:

Monthly: $15.00

Six Months: $85.00

Yearly: $160

Sound Good? Are you ready?

Make an account to start your listing!